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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Gay Science Converts a Straight"++++Oh shit, you all look so cute, but unfortunately you under 18's have to
go...and right now. If you are over 18 and you like Star Wars, be
warned....I know Star Wars, and this is no Star Wars. Be get strapped in
and get your rockets primed, we're taking off....Dr. Comstock Needlehoff was a queer duck, no not that way, I should have
said eccentric. I mean, he'd forget to wear socks and often his shoes
didn't match, but the professor of science at my college was brilliant and
innovative enough to make up for all the babysitter 14 mpegs his personal failings. The college
was lucky to have him, and I, Dudley (don't call me Dud) was lucky at
nineteen to be his assistant.He has made many valuable discoveries that have brought fame and money to
the college. He wants nothing out of it, just a mp4 free downloads porn
place to do his work and a
new assistant every four years as they graduate and get great positions in
industry mainly because their resume has his name on it.Yeah I'm nineteen. How can I describe myself? I know, a sexy nerd. Well
I'm tall and skinny with unruly brown hair amateur 3 way
that blocks my eyeglasses at
times. My face is okay, nose a little long, but I have good age 15 sex pic teeth and a
nice pink, full mouth. Oh yes, I'm gay, not that I can prove it, my love
life is very unsuccessful. College boys want jocks and next musicians.
I'm neither, so I have learned to be the world's expert wanker. There is
no technique or device known to man that I haven't found and used. I
didn't tell the professor, but I used his methods of trial and error and
kept copious notes in a little book. board9 nude Frankly I'm sick of 7 church street middlesex jerking off. I
want a man. And...I think I found the perfect one.His name is Jack Strong. Shit, just the name gets me hard. He
occasionally helps out here at the lab for extra credit. He's no science
genius like me, the professor uses him for heavy work, you know moving
heavy equipment and washing lab glassware etc. It is a sight to behold to
see Jacks muscles bulging when he moves a heavy cabinet. I get so weak I
have to go outside and take deep breaths.Sound nice, huh, 3-way pussy eating
a hung right in the same place where I put in time. Yeah
sure, but boy handjob under 12 Jack...let me put it this way, if you look up heterosexual in the
dictionary, you'll find Jack's picture there. He is so straight you 46f bras
use him for drawing perfectly straight lines. Jack also is never wanting
for girls. He doesn't even try, they love him and offer themselves to him
and he just drops trou and fucks whenever he wants. This boy is spoiled
rotten sexually. But I think he deserves it. He is deliciously dumb and
deliciously sexy and gorgeous. What a combination. You want to just kiss
him on his luscious lips just for being on this world.Has he ever shown any interest in me? Well, he thinks I'm real smart and
allows me to help him sometimes on his advanced trig problems. I do it
because I enjoy putting our heads together and dreaming it was our little
heads. Other than that, he probable feels sorry for me because I don't
ever have a date. I have to say that he is a nice boy, even sweet, there
is no a bad bone in his body...wait a minute, perhaps I should rephrase
that, he does have a bad-boy cock, 3 fingers sex
I saw I last week at the gym.I had reached the point 12yr thong of hardening myself (another poor choice of words)
and trying mp4 free downloads porn to forget him and the fantasies I have about Jack naked begging
me to fuck his ass. It'll 3-way pussy eating
never be. At least I thought so until the
professor asked me to type his latest notes. The title, "Gender Preference
Alteration in Young Heterosexual Men". Immeidately I thought of one
particular man whose preference I would like to alter in favor of me.The brilliant, but half nuts doctor had developed an elixir that was
tasteless and odorless and can be drunk with ordinary water without
changing it's color or taste. For instance in our bottled water stand in
the work area that the prof never used 12th graders having sex but jock-face used constantly
because he was always sweaty and hot. Yeah, he was hot even when he wasn't
sweating.I worked in the lab and produced a batch of the stuff. I didn't try it out
on myself, shit, I don't want to become any gayer or I'd be waggling my ass
at the gay disco.I added it to the water bottle on top of the stand. It bubbled noisily
hinting that it was in on the plan. Jack came in and first thing he did
was to take a paper cup and drink three refills. When he finished, he
looked at me a moment. "How ya doing Dudley?"Now that was the first time he ever did that. I decided that he was
falling in love with me and tonight was fuck night. But after hitching his
package, 13yo girl sexxy a habit he had always done and I suppose enjoyed, he called out to
a girl waiting for him outside on the steps.Oh well, Edison tried many times to develop the light bulb. Then something
funny happened. Jack came back in. "Hey Dudley, do you think I ought to
shave every day. She, meaning the girl who had just left, thinks it rubs
on her inner thighs and produces a rash. Think about it fellow and give me
your advice, huh."I was going to ask him to rub it on my inner thighs....just as a test, you
know, but instead I 3t footless tights
came over to him and said, "Jack, let me rub your cheek
and see how rough it is."He seemed reluctant, you know how straights are, everything short of
spitting is gayish, but he submitted....and I think he liked my application
of a warm hand stroking his check. I think I heard a murmur of pleasure as
I did it. I admit I over did it, but it was just great and my cock was
trying to break out of my pants while I did it."I, eh, maybe you ought to shave. It feels nice, but maybe the first day
it's just growing in and it could rough up a girl's upper leg, any leg for
that matter."Again he put his head on the side and glanced at me through slitted eyes,
not so slitted that his bright blue ones sparkled through."Whew, I'm thirsty today," Jack said a few minutes later after taking the
trash out.""Here use this big tumbler and have a real drink instead of that little
paper cup.""Good idea pal."Oh my, pal, well I really don't want to be his pal, I would rather be his
seducer, but I'll take that as an improvement in our relationship.The next time, just about when Jack and I were closing lab for the night.
That meant that Jack straightened the 1 free porn finder chairs and I locked the door.
Somewhat unequal labor, but he had more muscles. Incidentally, his muscles
were really showing today as he was wearing a yellow wife beater, pretty
much like the kind you'd see in the gay bars. I wonder where he got it,
but he solved the age 15 sex pic question. "I usually wear this for wrestling but it
seemed warm today so I wore it as a regular top. colt 45 big tits You like it?"If that wasn't enough surprises, young Frankenstein invited me to see the
changes he had made in his apartment. Jack came from the Chicago Strongs
and he they had plenty of money to put gay 333 porn
their loved son off-campus digs in
the best building in town. I had been there once. I helped him with his
year end report. The place was typical of a sloppy jock. You know,
unmatched socks strewn around, bed hadn't been made since the first day,
and 12yo nude video girl beer cans, maybe five hundred, all over 40 twat the place. He shoved some
stuff off a table and wiped his laptop with his sleeve and we sat down.Well tonight I walked in to a completely changed apartment. He had
purchased bookcases, and grouped the books by the color of their binding.
(What an idea for the Library of Congress). He had storage cabinets,
neatly filled with his college work. Everything was put away. A nice
throw rug was on the floor and..."Do you like the coordinating of the bed
spread and the curtains. I just hung them today in honor of your visit.
Would you like some tea?""No tea. You got a beer?""Oh that nasty stuff. There may be a bottle left in the frig, but I really
want to talk seriously to you Dudley.""Sure, you need help on some report?""No, it's very personal. Now dear friend, I have been seeing you almost
daily and I've kinda got a crush on you. In fact, at night I find that I
think about you a lot. There is only one way for me to really get to know
you.""What's that Jack, you are really coming on strong, HAHA.?He got up and came over to me. He stood so close that his eyes seemed to
be running together at the corners. I missed Jack's usual sweaty odor.
The new Jack smelled limey, 20 cumshot with a top note of lily of the valley."I want to undress you and perform oral sex on you. Please don't say no.
Here let me help you reveal that slim beautiful hairless body."I was in a daze as he opened my shirt. "Lift your legs one at a time," he
said sweetly, "So I can take your shoes and socks off."Off came my pants then. I stood there in my blue briefs. He stared at my
pouch. He put out his big hand used to 12-14 butt splice catch footballs and caught my
package and hefted it reverently then boldly as he rubbed it. I had
dreamed of doing him, but this was pretty good. My trusty prick rose to
the occasion thinking 16 age girl porno that it was one of those wankings coming.Poor Jack was huffing and puffing and almost passing out from excitement.
A line of drool rolled down out of the side of his mouth. His face was
red. But his undressing skills, learned from stripping girls was fully in
tack and he pulled down my under shorts and gasped in wonder at my slowly
rising dick. "It's so beautiful," he gushed. "My I lick it?"Do you think a smart boi like me is going to say ":NO". I answered, "Sure,
if you want."Yeah, he put out his nice strong pink tongue and licked the head. A drop
of anticipatory spooge leaked out and 2 lesbians doing it
he licked that with an epicurean
sensibility. I was getting a little dizzy, especially seeing his lips, the
lips I had dreamed of, pursed and ready to take my organ into his mouth.
My organ hinted it was ready but nudging his hot lips and he took the
cheeky advance and put his warm lips around the top of my dick. Oh the
feeling. His lips were not slack, they had the muscularity of a jock in
the nature of a hungry gay whore. The combination was heady. "Yeah Jack,
don't be shy, get with it. Take my cock deeper and suck harder. I need a
cum badly."He seemed to swoon at my rough words and his eyes closed in ecstasy. 12th graders having sex Now
Jack had slobbered over many a clit. He knew tongue action and his talent
did not desert him just because it was a big ol' cock in his mouth. No, my
boy gave it the 13 yo lol pussy
college athlete's try. He moved up and down with
enthusiasm. He bobbed and licked and swirled and hummed. I hadn't had a
blow job since I was sixteen and that tepid suck couldn't compare with this
Tiffany of vacuuming I was getting.I began to boy handjob under 12
moan like a wild animal and that encouraged him to suck faster
and harder. Then he must have sensed that I couldn't take more amateur 3 way and that I
was going to orgasm in a minute. He moved my cock to the side of his mouth
so he could 13 yo sex communicate and he looked up at me with his glinting blue eyes.
"Please Dudley come in my mouth."Who was I to deny the boy his request. Besides it was in keeping with pics naked 13yo
neatness of the apartment, not to cum on the new throw rug. I relaxed my
body and let it happen. 3gp porno films Whoa, this was a good one. I shivered all over
and thrust and moaned like I was possessed. When the moment came to shoot,
I howled and beat my hands against his chest. Then I gave in. I must have
shot six times, and six good ones, not little piddling dribbles. It left
me weak and panting.Jack hugged me. "Oh you were so wonderful."Then I felt a little guilty. "Eh Jack. I guess I was a little selfish,"
pointing to his crotch.In an embarrassed voice he told me not to worry that he came in his pants
when I came.Well there was not much more planned for the evening so I said my goodbyes
and dodged his attempt to kiss me.He came into the lab the next morning with a bunch of wild flowers he had
picked on the way. Lucky no one saw this. I put them in a beaker and
hoped I hadn't contaminated some experiment. Lucky the professor was in
Washington, D.C. presenting a paper.I sat down to work and 5963 twin triode 12au7 Jack stood staring at me. It was a little
unnerving. Finally I asked him if he 90lbs nude girls was already."I'm good but I have another favor to ask you. My ass needs attention."I was going to tell him to go to the infirmary, but I knew what he meant.
No use beating around the bush. "Jack, are you asking me to fuck you. If
you are, the answer is yes."He giggled girlishly, took a big drinky of the special water and dropped
his pants and shook his excellent ass 13yo girl sexxy
at me. "Impale me you lovely boy,"
he implored."Get naked and lean over the desk."He did, his ass shaking. And what an ass. It's not one of those perky
kid's ass, it's a big one, muscular and perfectly shaped with dimples on
each cheek. It fuzzy and his ass hole has a ring of light brown hair
around it. His ass hole was kissing the air. This boy wanted to be fucked
in the worst way, or rather the best way. I was up to the challenge. I
got undress in less than the speed of light and started out by playing with
my target. I stroked those warm fuzzy pear halves. I squeezed them. He
was hiccupping in pleasure. Saying "Yeah" to my every move. I stroked the
area between his ass cheeks and then tickled his puckering ass hole. I was
having fun, he was almost going into a stroke."Please Dudley, sir, please put your noble cock in my hole and make me cry
out in pleasure."Shit, he sounded like someone from a Victoria sex novel. 5963 twin triode 12au7
But it was time.
I put the head of my cock into his hole. In a convair b-58 hustler
moment his hole sucked me in
and I started moving into his steaming innards. Oh this was good. It felt
like nothing I had ever experienced. I was falling in love with this ass
hole. At least my cock was."Please don't be gentle. Push me with your weapon."Oh, Victorian again. But whatever the era, his request was plane. I moved
in quickly. Oh, that felt good. I pulled out reluctantly and then slammed
in again. He cried out with each maneuver. Time to really throw the
blocks to him. He was my monster. I created him. I
am....Dr.Frankenstein. I began pumping rapidly, grunting like a pig. He
loved it. I grabbed his big cock and wrapped my hand around it and shagged
it in the same rhythm as my fucking. We were like one fuck machine, in
perfect sync. He was breathing so hard I think is blacked out a few times.
As for me, I was out of reality, spinning amongst the planets out there.Nothing that intense can last. With one hard push 14yo get fucked I began coating his
large intestine with my sperm and his cock began spewing around my fingers
as he delivered the spooge his balls had been holding for over a week.When we finished he thanked me. "Does that mean, are we....sort of
engaged,"I told him that he can call it what we wants but bing tits 3 we are certainly involved.
He 16 age girl porno
left giggling and excited. "It'll be a wedding. I look good in
lavender. I know a wonderful chief who makes sex 12yo foto the loveliest canapes."I got dressed. I dumped the water tank hoping it wouldn't affect the city
water supply and then out in the ocean make all the fishies gay.In a few days Jack with be straight again and will hardly remember his gay
period. I would have to break if off sex 12yo foto with him. Even when the chemical
wears off. He will always be just too gay for me.
EndI can think of many straight guys I knew in my life. What fun it would
have been to slip some of the professor's elixir in their Bud.

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